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When Will Racism Be Over?

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Of course this is a ridiculous question. I came across an interesting piece of satire in the form of a blog ( which became a book!( This blog, Racism Is Over, chronicles satirically the events in the writer of the blog’s life as well as notable things that happen in pop culture that affect Damali Ayo’s life. If you want a quick laugh, it is definately worth a read. If you become angered at some of the authors blog postings/ stories, that may be okay as well. Sarcasm is obviously the main undertone in these postings but she gives the impression that even though these stories are serious, things like this happen everyday and it is okay to laugh at the ignorance of some of our fellow Americans along with Ayo. Anu, guest blogger and a Native American, says in a blog, “I got so sick of people asking me, “are you Asian Indian or Native American Indian?” Huh?”. I definitely lol’d, as the kids are saying. I am definitely subscribing.


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April 29, 2010 at 4:57 am

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