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I have recently come across an article about Glenn Beck’s top ten dumbest quotes ( While I expected them to be dumb as hell, what i didn’t expect to see was a lot of racist things he has said. It has become obvious to me after reading these quotes that Beck is obsessed with being some kind of great defender of the white man. He tries to make claims that people in our government are out to get the white man, or that there is some kind of revenge tactic that the targets of his rants are planning or carrying out for the years of oppression they have endured. Beck, a real class act, compares Al Gore to Hitler and then says that stem cell research is the modern day Nazi Eugenics while hinting that Obama is striving for a Hiter-esque “Final Solution. He also says that Justice Sotomayor is a racist. I think that he is really talented in that he is able to indecently and naively frame his fear and hate mongering in a way that his loyal viewers don’t seem to notice.


Written by mwgoulet

April 29, 2010 at 5:21 am

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