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Foreign Adopted Babies in Hollywood

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Although this has been a hot button issue as of late, I really don’t know if this can be fairly criticized.  The reason I say this isn’t because I feel that every Hollywood celebrity who adopts a foreign born baby of noticably different ethnic decent from their own is doing it for the right reason.  I say that I , after much internal deliberation, cannot make a case for or against them for doing so.  I have no way of knowing if there intentions are righteous, i.e., they want to provide a good home for a child born into poverty, or self serving, i.e., they want to show the public how open-minded and racially progressive they are by adopting positive PR in the form of a cute little kid.  My point is this: who cares?  These children, although they will probably be raised by narcissistic assholes, are going to be better taken care of than they were before.  Although they themselves may turn into narcissistic assholes as a result of a glitzy upbringing in the Hollywood spotlights, it beats not having clean water to drink or proper medical care.  I think the motives of these actors, although not completely irrelevant, are of less importance than some of the more harsh critics of this practice would lead you to believe.  I think when these children are old enough to speak in their own agency, they will thank their parents for the opportunities they have been given.


Written by mwgoulet

April 29, 2010 at 7:03 am

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