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Are Tea Partiers Racists?

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In my humble opinion, this question, as it has been asked in the parlance of this presidency, is not quite correct in its phrasing. I don’t believe that all tea partiers are racists but I most certainly think that the average tea partier is more likely to be racially motivated. I think that the tea parties, while being formally under the guise of fiscal conservatism and outrage over the state of our economy and the percieved lack of fiscal responsibility on the part of Barack Obama, are most certainly, to a certain extent, racially charged by some of their members. There have been extremely racist signs, placards, and propaganda directed at the Federal Government, specifically Barack Obama at these events. One man was carrying a sign with the N word on it ( I challenge you to find another public event where this kind of sign would be accepted. Although I don’t agree with fiscal conservatism, I think that the idea of the tea party is legitimate but the organizers of these events really need to be reminded of who their supporters actually are. Also, the conduct of participants at these things should really be monitored a lot more, that is, if they don’t people to know that there are a lot of racists at these events.


Written by mwgoulet

April 29, 2010 at 4:41 am

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