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Agism Regarding the Elderly

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I feel that agism is a real problem here in the US, and possibly one of the most overlooked of the “-isms”.  I recently went to a few 4 nursing homes here in Gainesville in order to make sure the veterans inhabiting them as patients and residents were receiving the proper health care to which they were entitled.  While interviewing them I could not help but notice the stench, the old and depressing decor, and the extent to which the workers were stressed out and noticeably bothered by their more senile patients.  The whole experience was extremely depressing for me to see how our “Greatest Generation”, the named given to the WWII era generation, was being treated.  These people were also very deprived of the human contact of people who didn’t inhabit the nursing home with them.  The more impoverished nursing home I visited, the one where people from a lower socioeconomic background were living, was inhabited by a larger number of black people in comparison to the others.  It was noticeably dirtier and less cared for than the others, which leads me to believe that the treatment and care that the patient received was probably worse.  I am not saying that these people aren’t happy, but they are definitely being failed by the state by not being treated equitably in comparison with their younger citizen counterparts.  Someone said once that you can evaluate our level of civilization by how we treat our most vulnerable.  I think that we should regard our elderly with more respect than to keep them in these poor conditions until they pass on.


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April 29, 2010 at 6:51 am

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