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Black women in the media

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As a Black woman I am so tired of seeing negative stereotypes in the media. I just want to take the time out and rant about the ones that I always see. First off, all Black woman are not video vixens. We all don’t walk around half naked, trying to come up with ways to get close to rich and successful men. Secondly, we all do not fit the “angry black woman” stereotype. We aren’t always ready to go off on someone, and when we do get angry, we aren’t going to roll our neck and snap our fingers. Lastly, we all are not “baby mamas” the woman that are seen on Maury are just girls that made some bad decisions, and shouldn’t be viewed as a direct reflection of what all Black women do.


Written by eclass08

April 27, 2010 at 8:15 am

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