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This whole issue of racism in the Tea Party is confusing to me. On one hand, there are the individuals that are working hard to have their say in the decisions made today because they truly are against the policies being put into place now. However, I feel like everything they are fighting for is being tarnished by the few extremists that the media has portrayed as being racist and ignorant. After reading an article on the correlation between racism and the Tea Partiers, I found that a New York Times survey said that 19% of Tea Partiers simply “just don’t like” President Obama. This has nothing to do with his policies, they just don’t trust him for whatever reason. Another survey by the University of Washington found that among the whites that did approve of the Tea Party, 35% said they believe blacks are hard-working, only 45 percent believe blacks are intelligent, and just 41 percent believe that they’re trustworthy. It seems to me like these Tea Partiers need to look back on the character of a great number of its supporters and what they’re really fighting for.


Written by mvmia16

April 19, 2010 at 4:36 am

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