Perspectives on Race

A Discussion about Events Concerning Race


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I recently went to Nicaragua and it was interesting to see a place where race really doesn’t play much of a role. Everyone is really just varying degrees of dark-skinned and even when european tourists come along, there is no race tensions or things of that nature. But the thing is, that it boils down to socioeconomic status. In one of the books we read in class, we discussed how in the process of “Latin-Americanization”, we would slowly stop worrying about race and socioeconomic status would become the most important. I feel like the chances of this happening in the United States are low because of the ties between socioeconomic status and race. Even if people only care about wealth, there is still the fact that African Americans were denied the possibility of having their initial wealth greatly increased by slavery and Jim Crow.


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April 17, 2010 at 3:29 pm

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