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“American Thinker: The Obama Administration’s Rampant Racism”

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First of all I’d llike to point out that the article I’ll be discussing in this blog is from a website called American THINKER, clearly a misnomer if this specific article is any indication of the site’s usual content.

Here is a link to the article that struck me as being so asinine.

The first thing that hit me about this article, befittingly, is the title. I must say that the title was well picked because its idiocy definitely drew me into reading the article. Once reading the article, Harry Reid’s remarks about Obama’s skin color (previously discussed in class) were immediately in my face and the fact that the author, Greg Lewis, effectively supported the comments as not insulting just set the tone for the article’s ignorance. From here until the end of the article, the Lewis repeatedly illustrated his own lack of understanding of rhetorical pathos, instead seeing Obama’s use of said pathos as attempts to make issues about only himself. Not only this, but Lewis contradicts himself between his discussions of Obama’s reaction to the Henry Louis Gates incident, Reid’s apology, and the statement about Rutgers basketball players made by Don Imus. Lewis seems to have trouble deciding whether or not he wants Obama to address issues due to the gravity of their insults or just brush them off as if they were non-issues.

Lewis should be commended for how extremely terrible his article is; many people would not be able to write this poorly and inaccurately if they tried.


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April 16, 2010 at 9:42 pm

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