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Racial Tension

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The racial tension in South Africa has recently reached high levels with the recent slaying of a white supremacist. Recently at two news conferences there were confrontations between black leaders and white supremacist. The first was at a news conference for one of South Africa’s black leaders. While trying to give an update on his recent trip to Zimbabwe he was heckled by a white supremacist news reporter who tried to change the subject of his trip to a more racial argument. The reporter was immediately removed for his actions. The other occurrence was on an actual news set where a black woman was interviewing a white supremacist and when the woman wouldn’t allow the white supremacist to speak he became very enraged and began to threaten the woman. The supremacist eventually had to be separated from the woman because it seemed that he was going to try and harm her. The one thing that many leaders in South Africa hope doesn’t happen is an all out racial war between blacks and whites, and they are trying everything they can to prevent that from happening.


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April 15, 2010 at 2:49 pm

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