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I thought the article we read as a class was pretty interesting the other day–I didn’t necessarily agree with everything the author said but it’s hard to ignore the idea that today, men are increasingly more feminine.  I’m speaking mostly in terms of looks, but behaviors apply as well.  Men of the past that women considered sexy were rugged looking men like Russell Crowe, George Clooney and Sean Connery.  Now some of celebrities labeled on People’s 100 Sexiest are men with much more feminine characteristics: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Tom Cruise.

There’s a study by a group, ChemTrust, that actually confirmed (using lab mice) that pollutants in today’s environment are actually contributing to having more feminine looking (and behaving) men: they develop smaller penises when the mother is exposed to the pollutant during pregnancy and sometimes even incomplete testicular dropping.  Facial features are also a result of this pollutant study such as a more rounded jawline. The study may have been performed on lab mice but all vertebrates have similar sex hormone receptors that are responsible for these changes.

Another study showed that women nowadays actually prefer these feminine looking men that are more concerned with their outward appearance than establishing a career to uphold a family, because they are behaviorally more feminine as well: meaning, more sympathetic and nurturing, two key components to have in a relationship.  So, although men may actually be more feminine, is it a bad thing?  Probably not, but it may not be a great thing either.


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April 13, 2010 at 11:46 pm

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