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This post isn’t about any specific event, article or occurrence but rather just something I’ve been thinking about lately.  It’s interesting that every member of our class writes on this blog-post (myself included and by the way, this is not meant to be hurtful or accusatory…just preparing you to have an open mind before the defensive responses start coming in)  and each one of us claims that “this is racist” and “that racist comment was ignorant” and “this racist act was appalling”, implying that we ourselves aren’t racists.  I think that in a perfect world we would all think this way but in actuality, if most people actually felt the way they speak in public, there wouldn’t be the problems that exist today.  It’s not just our class either, MOST people will tell you that they have no problem with race, that they were abhorred by some racist thing they witnessed recently etc. etc…but do they really feel that way? or are they just afraid of being labeled a racist, not actually afraid of being one?  I just find it amazing that in this class, and more importantly in life happening all around us, very few people will admit to having any problems with the other race out of fear of what other people might think of them, not out of fear that they may be wrong and need a lesson or two in acceptance.  We all KNOW racism is wrong, we all KNOW you shouldn’t say nasty things about someone, but do people actually even believe themselves? I know that one time or another, every one of us has slipped and said something racist, whether it be an accident, just in jest, or not even knowing that it was racist or hurtful at all…..because EVERYone acknowledges race and sometimes forgets it’s sensitive nature in our society, but since I’ve been participating in this blog post I’ve noticed how quick we all are to judge someone else’s racial slip-ups.  Like I said, myself included, I’m just as guilty as everyone else…I just can’t seem to figure out why we assume that we could never be in the same place as someone we write about.  Maybe it is because our generation is more open and accepting and maybe we truly are more open-minded and tend to have less of a racial view on the world.


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April 10, 2010 at 7:10 pm

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  1. I totally agree with you! But, take a minute and think of the consequences if we come here and start talking about how much we hate or don’t like blacks, or whites, or hispanics. there would raise another big problem we have in society. We would start judging one another!


    April 10, 2010 at 10:26 pm

  2. Well obviously that wasn’t what I was implying we should do…I was just observing the fact that there’s alot of “high and mighty” going on in the blogs, when in reality most people normally wouldn’t think twice about the situations they write about, but they do because they’re in a class that forces them to take note and then later discuss it. I just don’t believe that every single person in this class would really take intent notice of a racial situation if this class didn’t ask them to…I don’t think if they witnessed these situations and weren’t in the class, they would be so appalled that they’d call a friend or talk about it over coffee. The sad truth is, before this class I doubt anyone thought twice…race and it’s issues get swept under the rug because it’s easier that way.


    April 11, 2010 at 12:17 am

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