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Apartment hunting

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I’ve been recently apartment hunting because my lease is going to end soon. When I call places I also google them and look at the reviews people write, one of the reviews really shocked me and just shows how residential segregation is still alive. One person in their review mentioned how she did not feel safe walking around the neighborhood and that many “colored” people rode their bikes around the neighborhood. She then said if you own a bike do not leave it outside because it will get stolen! She also mention how there is an increase in crimes and many break ins around the neighborhood and the reason why she was moving out of this place was because, “there has been an influx of colored folks moving in the last year and it has become a bit more ghetto over the last year”. I couldn’t believe that this person was even using the term “colored folks”, this is beyond racist and just shows how residential segregation still happens today. It is really sound that there are people out there that still think and feel this way. Many people responded to her review and were very upset by her comments and one respondent told said that this person needs to take our class, I totally agree.


Written by roxy423

March 28, 2010 at 3:15 pm

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  1. While I do not agree with the young lady’s comments and especially her use of the term “colored people” I can not say that I am surprised. This class has really opened my eyes to the way people rationalize their discriminatory mentality. It is possible that the young lady may have lived in a “white habitus”, growing up in an all white neighborhood with all white friends and is in complete culture shock. I am bothered by her feeling the need to share on the review of the apartment and her saying that the “colored folks” are responsible for the break-ins and the thefts. Everyone with a motive has the capability to steal. Her comment could turn people away from the apartment just because of her ignorance.


    March 29, 2010 at 8:21 pm

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