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I have been living in the same apartment complex in Gainesville for the last 3 years and began to notice a trend of more and more minorities choosing to live in the same complex as the 3 years passed.  This influx of different races was actually somewhat refreshing because there’s more people who look like me mixed in throughout my building now.  I am not the only person to notice the trend however, while waiting for a bus outside of the complex another man approached to do the same.  He then tried to spark up some small talk by commenting on the various flags that are flown near the main entrance to the complex.  I guess he figured I would be interested in the subject because I looked like I might be a native from one of the flags that were flown.  He says something to the effect of “what do you think about these flags flying out here?  They got 4 other countries besides the American flag.”  I told him that I really didn’t care and that the complex can do whatever they want to get more people to live there.  I guess he was offended by the flags of India, Mexico, Pakistan, and China flying next to the American flag.  When he failed to get a rise out of me he stopped talking and started to listen to his mp3 player.  I was glad that the conversation was short, but his disdain for the flags and probably the minorities that now are the majority living in the complex still resonates with me.  Some people need to live their lives and let others do the same.


Written by mato89

March 27, 2010 at 7:27 pm

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  1. I very much agree with you. ‘Live and Let Live’ is one of my biggest philosophies in life. People need to stop concerning themselves with such ‘issues’ and worry about more important things.


    March 28, 2010 at 12:04 am

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