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South Carolina Football Recruits

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Recently incoming black freshman football recruits from the University of South Carolina have been asked to reconsider attending the school because of the racial tension that is going on within the state of South Carolina. State Rep. David Weeks and some former black players for South Carolina have been spearheading the movement because of Leah B. Moody, a fellow African-American, who is being kicked off the school’s board of trustees. Being the only black member of the school’s board of trustee’s Moody was only finishing the term of a previous board member who was kicked off because of bank fraud. Instead of granting Moody a full-term of the board, members have decided not to keep her as of yet. This action enraged state representative David Weeks and other former players for the school and they feel the only way to make a point in the matter is to encourage black recruits to not come to South Carolina. Although as of yet no recruits of this year’s incoming class have decided to change their mind this extreme measure may have an impact on future black recruits for South Carolina and their decision making process when considering South Carolina.


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March 25, 2010 at 3:15 pm

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