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March Madness

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Being the big sports fan that I am, this time of year is very exciting because it’s an opportunity to see different basketball teams from across the country.  With these basketball teams comes a unique identity for each team, which comes from what type of basketball philosophy they have, their coach, or even something like the racial makeup of the team.  One would wonder how does someones race play into their overall teams basketball identity; it’s a legitimate question.  I was listening to the radio earlier this week as they prepared for the Florida vs. BYU game.  As they were comparing BYU’s strengths to Florida’s they mentioned that they were good shooters and that they were a fundamentally sound team, after this one of the two hosts says “They’re good at what any white team is usually good at…shooting and passing.”  Brigham Young University is located in Provo, Utah and is a school for people who follow the mormon faith.  With these demographics in mind their roster is composed of mostly whites.   These types of teams must be uncommon to college basketball because every time you hear about them competing in sports it must be mentioned that it’s a bunch of “white boys” playing out there.  In the end BYU was victorious but I don’t think anyone can say that them being mostly white played into it or vise-versa.  I feel that we should just ignore that issue completely when commenting on the teams basketball abilities in order to not offend anyone.  Race is such a polarizing issue that it finds its way into everyday activities like watching a basketball game.


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March 20, 2010 at 7:56 pm

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