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Black Barbie

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I was reading an article online that was concluding WalMart’s racism by implying that the black barbie doll was on sale due to some deeper, racist meaning. Hardly.  There’s a picture of the shelf with some white barbies and some black barbies and the black barbies on are sale (you can see the red clearance tag) for about $2 less.  There are tons of comments on the article about how racists this is and how WalMart is implying that black depictions are cheap and unworthy etc.

I don’t think WalMart is being racist first off.  Things go on sale when there is a surplus of that particular item due to lack of purchases.  It’s not like the black barbie was cheaper from the get-go, you can see the difference in the regular price ticker and the sale price sticker, the black barbie was placed on sale probably due to people not buying it.  Now maybe this indicated some racial tension in the community where this WalMart is located if primarily white barbies are being bought, but that’s really not WalMart’s fault or in my opinion, an evil agenda or anything.


Written by cgator19

March 20, 2010 at 11:08 pm

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