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Yesterday I volunteered at a daycare with 3, 4,5 and 6 year olds. There were mixed, Indian, chinese and white children. Also there was this one black little girl. All of the children were playful and energetic. However, I noticed the 3 chinese boys were playing together on the bicylcles and two little white boys were playing along the fence.  For some reason though it felt like race day, 3 of the kids were comparing my skin color.

This white girl and I volunteer there and we all were on the playground keeping the children entertained. The little black girl asked, “Why are  you black?” I looked at her and asked her the same question. All she did was shrugged her shoulders and looked over at all her white peers. She then ran off to the white volunteer and begin to play with her.

This little mixed boy and some of the other white children began to sit beside me looking for 4 leaf clovers in grass. A white little girl about 4 sat on my lap and said, “My arm is differnet from yours. Its whiter.” All i could do was laugh. “I  asked her,” We still the same arent we?  You a girl, I’m a girl. I have long hair and you have long hair.” She smiled and nodded her head.

The mixed little boy blurted out to me that his mother was yellow like him and that his dad was dark like me. Waht was interesting to me was that when his mother came to pick him up she white, not “yellow” like him. I guess he meant compared to his dad his skin was more like his moms.


Written by misssandib

March 19, 2010 at 1:51 pm

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  1. I volunteer at an after school program at an elementary school over on the east side of Gainesville each week, and often find myself in similar situations where the issue of skin color comes up. Sometimes the things that they say or the questions they ask are almost hard to answer and I find myself wondering what is the best way to go about that situation so that they are not so concerned with the color of their skin.


    March 19, 2010 at 8:43 pm

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