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Should Pres. Obama (and the White House) provide additional help to African Americans?

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So I was reading this article on about Tavis Smiley, the man who started the program State of The Black Union (and many other programs) a decade a go. He was saying that Pres. Obama needed to provide more help to African Americans, his most loyal constituents. Not because he himself is Black, but because he is the president. It is statistically true that the recession has hit African Americans much harder than any other group and he is saying that disproportionate pain calls for disproportionate help. He also uses Pres. Obama metaphor about how ‘a rising tide’ will lift’all boats’ meaning it will help all Americans. But Smiley pointed out that all ‘boats’ didn’t go down at the same time, and when the tides (economy) rises, if one group is in a yacht and the other in a dingy, there is still a problem. I personally agree that with Smiley in that an equal response can’t fix an unequal problem, but what do you all think? And what would other Americans think if Pres. Obama did (and could) decide to provide additional assistance to African Americans?


Written by mzlisarenee

March 18, 2010 at 5:01 am

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