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Wow!!!!! A man who was believed to have murder his wife, and who is now in prison for robbery, a Drag Queen, and a Drug Addict, are now the faces of prominent black Americans according to 3 teachers at an elementary school in Los Angeles California.  Maybe they thought it was joke to include these names along with great leaders like Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, and Malcom X, but it was simply offensive. This was not by accident and I believe that their teaching licenses should be evoked. The teachers are now being reassigned to different schools, but I feel that these teachers did this purposely to hurt people. Think about if a teacher were to associate the face of Charles Manson with Ronald Reagan. There would be protests and the teachers would probably never teach again in their lives.  They didn’t take into account that there were black kids who went to their school and that those posters may have had an influence on them. These teachers were basically making a mockery of all of the prominent African American’s throughout history.


Written by medusmango

March 17, 2010 at 2:58 pm

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