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Racism on College Campus

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The racists incidents that are taking place at a UC campus are getting out of hand. First it was the infamous “Compton Cookout” which was a fraternity party which mocked blacks during Black History Month using common sterotypes abot blakcs. Then there was an incident of a KKK hat being draped over a statue of Dr. Seuss outside of a campus library, then there was a noose found and a swastika drawn on the door of a Jewish student. All of these incidents started a ralley by about 200 students who were calling for action to come against the culprints of the racial occurrences. Racial events like this show how deeply racism is still buried within our society. Most people like to look at it as that we have made so much progress in comparison with the racism during the times of the Civil Rights Movement. I feel that the only thing that has really changed is the fact that racism has become more covert and people dont openly commit as many racial crimes anymore. In order for us to move past things like the incidents at the UC campus we must first acknowledge that racism still thrives throughout our country. Although it is much more covert it is still an issue and we won’t improve as a society until we acknowledge this fact.


Written by bmcdaniel91

March 3, 2010 at 7:36 pm

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