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Mi querido pais, Chile <3

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This morning there was a tragic event in Chile, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 hit my family’s homeland early this morning. This catastrophe is devastating for the Chilean people, and there is only more disaster to come for this is a tsunami expected to hit Hawaii within 24 hrs. It is frightening to realize the strength and ferocity of Mother Nature’s power. This is yet another time where the world needs to come together, as we have done and are still doing for Haiti. We need to be ready for any help that may be needed of the various countries that were affected. Although Chile was the one directly hit, the earthquake was so powerful that shakes were felt and damage occurred in other countries such as Argentina and Brazil. I would hope that this time of need would bring people together, for we have a common desire of helping those who need us. I know my friend did not mean anything negative by it, but she said something that really disturbed me. She basically said that she hopes that they receive as much help as Haiti has had from us here in the United States, but that there are not as many Chileans here as there are Haitians, so she didn’t think they would have as much support. We are all God’s people before we are Black, White, Brown, Hispanic, Asian, African, Native American it doesn’t matter. We need to come together to help our fellow human beings in a time where they are fighting to survive. I just pray that in such a time as this, race ceases to be an issue.


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February 27, 2010 at 9:45 pm

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