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How can we expect to treat other humans like humans when we treat animals this way

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Seaworld has long been a popular attraction, and this past week alot of attention has been put on the practice of keeping Orca’s in captivity, Orca’s are widely recognized as being one of the smartest animals on the planet, yet we treat them as pets. It has been thought that they are almost like humans in their nature, very social beings, yet, it the same thing happened to a human now, in that we capture them and put them in a cell that is the relative size of a bathtub to them for the rest of their lives, and tell them to do tricks, we would call that slavery. Yet since they are not “humans” we or at least some of us see this as being ok.
It we cannot even be nice to an intelligent, social being, how on earth do we ever expect to be accepting and nice to others. The other interesting thing I find about this story is the reasoning behind the arguments of killing and preserving the whale. It has been argued that this whale suffered from anxiety an a multitude of supposed psychological problems, when he had been identified as being involved in death three times, it was interesting that he has not been “punished” like a human either. Many times in our own legal justice system, people with known psychological problems how have harmed or killed only once are immediatly doomed to either prison or death. In short we hold different practices between humans and animals, but we are not that different. I for one see this to be a similar problem with race as well, whatever differences, however small they can be, can lead us to discriminate and hold different people and animals to a higher standard


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February 27, 2010 at 6:04 pm

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