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Republican Party or Anti-Obama party?

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After catching some of the recaps of the Republican Party convention I had to take a step back and actually mentally process everything that was going on there. Every clip they showed on CNN was a clip of a member of the Republican Party bashing Barack Obama. In earlier years, the Republican Party actually stood for something, and actually had a political ground to speak on, but nowadays, it just seems like a mess. John McCain called Barack Obama a one-term President, and one of the younger members of the party called Obama a jackass. I am not calling anyone racist, but why are they more concerned about getting Obama out of the White House, than addressing real issues? There has got to be something behind all the insults and smart remarks that they throw at him. There were stickers, pins, and shirts of all kinds disrespecting Barack Obama, and not one time did I see a campaign t-shirt for the next Republican candidates for 2012, or even a shirt with REPUBLICAN PARTY written on it. It’s a shame that people could obsess over the wrong things, for all the wrong reasons. I have nothing against republicans, and I am not into politics; I am just stating the obvious. I know about “mud-slinging” in political races, but this is way past “mud-slinging”. If it’s not evident to the world that the Republican Party is more obsessed with Obama being a black President than Obama actually being President, than I don’t know what else to say.


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  1. We had to expect this kind of controversy when the first black president was even nominated for the presidency. However, I think we need to consider that with the first black person in this sort of position, there is always going to be that constant watchful eye of the media ready to pounce on any sort of racial news that may present itself. That being the case, I feel as though there have been a relatively equal amount of criticisms between our current president and our last president. Bush was constantly criticized for any little mistake he may have made and I feel as though the same is happening now with Obama.


    February 22, 2010 at 1:48 am

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