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Birthday Racism

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I have had the privilege to be witness to a number of kinds of racism or racial awkwardness in many situations but the situation I remember most was when I was profiled at a birthday party.  Me and a couple of friends were attending a birthday party for my friend’s niece and while we were eating and playing games someone got money taken from their purse.   The funny part about this story is that it all took place at Chuck-E-Cheese’s because it’s the last place you would think of shady activities to go down.  After someone realized they were robbed people started to look for the money and around at the people there to see if anyone left.  The people who were part of the family all immediately went to one family member because of her past involving prison time for the same type of offense, but she adamantly refused and pointed to my group of friends who were enjoying a pizza at our own table.  She said something like “I don’t know where the money is at, it was probably those gangster kids at that table” while pointing at us.  The gangster group including me consisted of one white, two mixed asian, and one black person.  We were cleared by the family because they knew us very well and trusted us completely.  At the end of the day the father of the birthday girl was going through pictures of the party to put together in an album and found an interesting picture.  He found the infamous family member actually reaching into someone elses purse in the background of a picture of his daughter blowing out the candles.  In the end the woman who racially profiled and discriminated to hide her own ass ended up looking foolish.  I just found this funny because without knowing our character personally like some of the people at the party did, she did not and immediately thought everyone would believe that we were thieves just because of our exterior.  I really don’t believe in karma or anything but that comes pretty close to convincing me.


Written by mato89

February 13, 2010 at 11:50 pm

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  1. wow, that was deep!!!! I am sorry but I had to laugh at the poor lady!!!! She just made herself look so stupid!!!! I can believe this too!! I have been looked at when things go missing because I am black!!! I can’t stand when that happens!!!!


    March 15, 2010 at 3:00 pm

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