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lays chips

Let me set the story for you all… When i was 15 i started dating my first boyfriend, and he was out of my race (he was black and fine!).  We were pretty serious, and one summer when i was about to turn 17  I went to the mid west to visit family.  While there i went with my mom and grandma to visit my mom’s best friend, Sandy. We took about a two hour drive out to no mans land, where Sandy lived.  We got there around lunch time and decided it was a good idea to go eat.  Now, since my grandma was with us we thought it’d be a great chance for her and Sandy’s mom to catch up, so on the way to eat we picked up Sandy’s mom, Marsha.  At lunch Marsha was telling some story, which i can’t even recall right now, but what i do remember is what she said made me sick to my stomach.  Now, before i go into what she said i must let you all know that at that time in my life i was very sheltered.  I was born from a  biracial couple.  My mom is Italian/Polish/Irish(identifies with white) and my dad 100% Malaysian.  I was raised in California and brought up in a very diverse enviroment.  So when Marsha was telling her story, she was talking about chips and  smoothly stated that these particular chips were greasy.  Then the line that spilled from her mouth that i will never forget… “You know why those chips are greasy?  Because the chips were owned by black people.”  After that statement it gets kind of blurry, but i know she said more racial stuff, specifically about people who are black.

It doesn’t seem as serious as i am making it seem, but it really was to a girl like me who had never really witnessed someone being racist first hand.


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February 10, 2010 at 2:09 am

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  1. Sometimes, comments like this, are what it takes for people to realize that there are many racist people in the world. Many people who make these jokes, also don’t know any better and they think that stuff like that is funny. Would this person ever make that joke in front of a black person, probably not. Comments like this are more serious than what we take them for two reasons, 1. because they are hurtful 2. Because we all will become influences to someone in our lives.


    February 10, 2010 at 3:57 pm

  2. wow, you poor girl. People should learn to watch there mouths… That was really rude of her… I couldn’t imagin what you may have felt… I think this lady should have learned the history behind chips (LOL)!!!!! The thing this is, she never thought about your feelings with it all (You being mix).. Even if you were not there, she should have never said nor thought of such a thing


    February 13, 2010 at 6:43 pm

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