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Racially Diverse Team.

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This event tends to happen a lot when I’m watching a basketball game with mixed company and it makes me wonder about our underlining preconceptions about what type of person, racially, should be playing professional basketball.  I know the all white league has caused uproar but just looking at an average college basketball game there are some racial discrepancies.  Depending on the game I am watching with a friend or acquaintance there is a chance that a comment about the ratio of white to black players on a tem will come up.  I was watching a game where Utah played Villanova and one of the people watching it made the comment “Wow, Utah has a lot of white players, how are they any good?”   This made me think about what players are considered “good” in today’s culture, the most talented and popular athletes in the NBA are black so this person watching must assume that a team made up of solely whites can’t be any good.  I pointed out that the best teams usually have a good mix of talents and races in their lineup so race does not play the sole determinant in judging the quality of a team.  I tend to notice the racial discrepancies in sporting events and this one comes up way too often.


Written by mato89

February 7, 2010 at 1:25 am

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