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There’s this website you can go to that brings up a bunch of random links, webpages, and posts basically to entertain yourself when you have nothing better to do. They call it “stumbling.” The category I picked was humor and I was shocked to see some of the “joke”s that people thought were funny. Honestly, before taking this class, I would have written it off as people doing whatever and moved on. Now, however, I’m completely offended. The jokes ranged anywhere from racist to anti religion to anti homosexuality. Why does our society think that these racial slurs and such are funny? More importantly though, what are we doing as a society to facilitate these things? In being able to ignore these things in the past I suppose I helped warrant such jokes, not knowing when to say something was wrong regardless of one’s right to freedom of speech. I think it would serve Americans well, all Americans, to take a look at what they’re putting out there, or encouraging others to put out there.


Written by lehnertsl

February 6, 2010 at 4:08 am

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