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The other day my teammate (who I call Tall-T) and I were heading to the mall and we were talking about one of my other teammates and how she has a lot of stuff, and pretty much gets what she wants.  So basically I was saying how jealous I was because this girl has everything… She has the new chestnut Ugg boots I wanted for Christmas, the new Dj hero to go along with her rock band set, and she got rid of her perfectly cool old Lexus for a new one!  The only good thing about all of this is she is pretty much my sister and we wear the same size; I live at her house so I play on all her toys, and drive her car.  This girl is beyond lucky to be privileged.  Now the point of my story is my teammate (Tall-T) proceeded to say how she is happy to see black people who are well off.  I know what you readers are thinking because I thought it when she first said it.  I made a weird face at her and she began to explain her statement.  Apparently where my teammate comes from, New Jersey, there are two types of Neighborhoods, which are the upper-upper class and then the people who are living in poverty on welfare.  Tall-T lives in the upper-upper class neighborhood, and she said where she lived you rarely saw any black families residing.  Therefore that is why she told me that she is happy when she sees accomplished black men and women.  In response to all of this I feel that she comes from an area that only shows a tiny part of the country, where mostly black families are living in poverty.  Now if you travel to other states or other cities this is not the case at all, but the statistics do show that most people living in poverty on welfare are typically black or Hispanic.


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February 1, 2010 at 3:29 pm

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