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Severe Punishment

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This doesn’t really have anything to do with race or anything like that, but I read it and I thought why not write about it because I find it very disturbing. Apparently, Saudi Arabian girl went to school with a cellular phone equipped with a camera. Her teacher confiscated her phone and that got her mad as would be the case with any student who got their phone taken away from them. As a result, the girl was enraged and in her unsuccessful attempt to regain the cell phone, she hit the teacher in the head with a glass. as punishment for hitting the teacher, she was sentenced to jail time and 90 lashes with a cane. I find this punishment extremely harsh and inhumane. Yes; every action deserves a punishment, but to go to such degree is just wrong.The punishment given to her is pretty much equivalent to a death penalty because they might end up killing her after or even before they reach those 90  lashes. In addition to that, there are many that commented on this topic and some of them actually had the nerve to say that they should bring this kind of punishment to the United States because that would really teach young American kids to be respectful of their elders and that is just absurd. I can’t believe that someone can actually think that this punishment is somewhat a way to discipline children. That is plain stupid and ridiculous.


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January 29, 2010 at 7:28 pm

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