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marry out of my race

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A little of background for the readers… My parents have what is called a biracial marriage(my mom is white and my dad is asian).  Now-a-days biracial marriages aren’t anything out of the ordinary, but during their time it was something frowned upon.  Therefore my sister and I are what you can call mixed or mutts.  I am from Northern California, where it’s insanely diverse with all kinds of people.  My sister is married to a 100% Brazilain man, and I am attracted to black men.  My first boyfriend i had, when i was 15 ,was black and since then all my relationships have only been with black guys.  I don’t know why they are my attraction, but that is just my taste.

Now onto my point..

When ever we visit my mom’s side of the family they seem to get uncomfortable when someone out of their race comes into the conversation(mainly people of the African American race).  My mom’s family is predominently white.  In a couple of different conversations i have heard people from my mom’s side, in the older era(like my grandma), talk about people of the black race and everytime they say the word “African American” its like they are whispering the word so no one hears them.  It’s hard to describe how they say it, but just know when they say it its like they are extremely uncomfortable saying it.  This past christmas I went to Vegas to see my grandma, and while there we went to dinner with some of her friends.  They were talking about family and how one of their kids married a “black man,” and how she seems to be happy with him (in a snooty voice).  When i sit there and hear stuff like that i get really annoyed.  After dinner when i got in the car with my mom and asked her what she and her family would think about me marrying a black man, because i told her point blank i am going to marry a black guy.  My mom, marrying out of her own race, told me it doesn’t matter what they think because they have no say in who I marry.  That is why I love my mom!  She has always seen people for who they are and not the color of their skin or their sexual preferance.  I am appreciative that i was brought up in the type of enviroment that would allow me to think that way.


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January 26, 2010 at 1:21 am

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  1. for someone who was born in this generation it baffals my mind that there is still such a Taboo about interracial marriages. But I think that it is a generational gap and one that is going away rather quickly. Older generations that were alive during times of segregation were, whether they like to think it or not, affected by some of the stigmas, including interracial marriages. I think as time will go by, this stigma will indeed go away and interracial marriages will become the norm. So while your relatives might not agree, I personally think that you should ignore them and marry who YOU love. However, I do not agree that you should marry some guy based entirely on the fact that he’s black. You should marry based off of all categories, so therefore you should not exclude any options in your quest for the perfect soul mate.


    January 28, 2010 at 3:42 am

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