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Caribsa Talent & Fashion Show

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Last night was the Caribsa Talent and Fashion show at the Reitz. My dance group, Sabor Latino was one of the dance groups that competed. We are the official dance group of HSA, the Hispanic Student Association. Although we obviously have a Hispanic background, our group is extremely diverse. We truly have people from all ethnicities on the team. That is part of what, in my opinion, makes us so great. When we went to the show however, a new member of our team came up to me and commented that we were the only ‘white’ people in there. This made me think of the discussions we’ve been having in class on what characterizes ‘whiteness’. She herself had a Hispanic background, why did she refer to herself as white? I could obviously not bring up the conversation at the time, but it made me wonder to myself later that night. Where is the line drawn where someone considers them self to be white? Is it anyone who simply isn’t black? The thought of this bothered me quite a bit. White, black, brown; they are colors. As light as my skin is, last time I checked my skin isn’t white. So therefore, how can I be categorized as such? After the show, many students just waited outside the Grand Ballroom, to hang out and talk with friends. I met a few friends of mine after the show and we were all hanging out when someone came up to me and pulled me aside to congratulate me on what a great job my team did. Then, they startled me with a comment I certainly did not expect. I won’t use the exact words, but essentially they asked me what I was doing there with a group of nothing but African Americans, and how I stuck out like a sore thumb. This upset me, and I did not fail to let her know how I felt about what she said. I didn’t even recognize that I was ‘different’ from everyone else there. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. I was just hanging out with friends, talking with random people and having a good time. All in all, I guess I just wish that sometimes people would just look past these details that are only skin deep. If people let the color of someone’s skin limit them, they are undoubtedly going to miss out on so much there is to learn in life.


Written by elianita514

January 24, 2010 at 12:08 am

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  1. Yea, thats exactly what the book were reading, White privillage is talking about. How people of other backgrounds would rather be classified as white. I don’t think she knows the extent of what goes into saying things like that but I would advise her to take this class.

    P.S I choreographed the Carnival scene and your dance team did great!


    January 29, 2010 at 10:33 pm

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