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I began volunteering in the after school program at Rawlings elementary here in Gainesville. Just a little background information: Rawlings receives very little funding. So little that they don’t even have a bus system. The school is over 90% Hispanic and Black children. When I got there, the first thing I noticed was that there were two white kids in the entire program of about 60 or so kids. I don’t think the lack of funding is a coincidence either. The school is located in a far out, not so nice part of Gainesville. I was disturbed to think that the lack of funding could be directly related to the racial profile of the school. The next thing that struck me was the difference between the kids’ speech and that of the other volunteers and myself. The lack of a solid education was apparent, but the kids were extremely smart and resourceful. Having worked with other kids of this age, I immediately noticed the difference in the practical knowledge of these kids and of those I had previously come into contact with. They may not have known what 6×7 was, but they knew how to share, not to run on concrete, and that things take a lot of practice to be good at them. They were complimentary of one another and worked together. Sadly, at  schools where Whites are the majority everyone is an individual, for the most part. I began to think of what the differences could be a result of  and realized that the education that these kids are getting is not one meant for the f-cat, rather one that will help them through day to day life. That being said, I think society is perpetuating racial stereotypes in not allowing less fortunate children to have the same opportunities of wealthier children, especially when these less fortunate kids are of minority groups and therefore deemed less important when it comes to budgeting.


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January 22, 2010 at 1:38 pm

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