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**Spoilers for Avatar**So I just finished watching Avatar in 3D and loved it! The special effects were awesome, the acting was great, and I really appreciated the plot line. I felt there were multiple story lines: go green, greed is harmful, and appreciate others being the three biggest ones. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that some reviews are trying to tie a racial aspect to the movie. Maybe I can see it in relation to Native Americans, but I definitely don’t see any relation to African Americans (which is what is being claimed). I’m disappointed that people have to hurt a great movie by connecting it to racism. For goodness sakes, the humans were the antagonists, not the great conquerors. Plus, it’s an imaginary world, a fictional movie, not a documentary. Take it for what it is, don’t try to interpret so much more than is necessary. I’m not sure if anyone still checks this blog, but if you do, what are your thoughts on the movie?


Written by erom13

December 28, 2009 at 3:20 am

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