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i went to get my nails done at one of those walk in places where you dont have to make an appointment. I get my nails done there all the time so i already knew there was this one man who always wore a mask and gloves but ive never not seen him dressed like this. Shortly after i got there an african american woman came in. The put her with the guy who wore gloves and a mask. The lady got extremely upset and started asking why he was wearing gloves and a mask when no one else was. She assumed it was because she was black and she made a HUGE scene and stormed out of the place. I felt soo bad for this poor little man, being a regular costumer i know he didnt treat her any different. I was offended by the ladies action, which made me think why did she automatically think it was race related? couldnt she have been open minded? If a black lady was touching my feet and she had gloves on i would think its because shes taking health pre-cautioners. i definitely wouldnt think its because she hates white people, or am i wrong? did she act correctly?


Written by mzarandy1

December 14, 2009 at 5:02 pm

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  1. I understand racism is a BAD thing, but i believe that Afro-Americans are (kinda) racist among themselves. I have a friend that is just like this lady. Whenever he walks in a crowded place and thinks that people are looking at him in a weird way (which i have never seen) he would get mad and start talking about how racist people are. I always tell him he should relax and start thinking highly and a little bit more positive about himself and BE PROUD OF BEING BLACK!

    (Please do not see ghosts were there are none.)


    January 22, 2010 at 1:52 pm

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