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Today I was watching the Tyra Show and the topic was biracial people and their attitudes on the race that they are combined with and whether they should have their own race. I am biracial. Being half black and half white, I found this show extremely interesting. Many of the guests on the show only identified with one of their races. There were 2 sisters who were half black/half white who did not like being called black, but didn’t have a problem being called Hispanic because they had “brown skin” like them. Another pair of sisters with the same genotype of the first pair of sisters didn’t identify with their white side and spoke of their dislike of white people. There was also a half black/ half Mexican boy who did not like his Mexican side, yet his sister had no problem accepting her Mexican race and culture. However, she looked more mixed than her brother who was usually thought to be black. He seemed more offended that no one acknowledged his Mexican aspects and therefore had learned to disown that part since it didn’t fit him. The last part of the show asked, guests, audience members, and people on the street on whether biracial people should have their own category and race. Those who argued in favor of a separate race reasoned that it is necessary so people would not have to choose between the races they are mixed with. Those opposed to it stated that it would only cause a greater divide between races and creates a bigger race problem than solution. One girl who was half Egyptian and half Irish said she put biracial (since she’s basically African/Irish)  on something that required her to choose a category and she faced much prejudice, so therefore she is opposed to a separate category. Overall it was an interesting show that truly shows that we are no where near even tolerant of other races and that many people are closed minded and are not accepting of their own race, much less others.


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December 7, 2009 at 10:22 pm

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