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Awkward Moment in Turlington

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As I was walking to class in Turlington on Thursday, I was appalled by an unspoken form of prejudiced harassment that I saw between two booths. By now, everyone has either seen or heard of the shirts that are being worn by a radical church group, preaching “Islam is the Devil”. I saw a woman wearing one of these shirts arguing with a Christian booth that was set up to encourage involvement in a certain church’s youth group. The group working the booth was huddled around the woman wearing the shirt and they were arguing that Islam is not the devil and continuing to question and repeat, “Why is Islam the devil?”, trying to get the woman to explain her prejudiced thinking. The woman should probably think something is wrong with her thinking when other people of her religion are appalled at her acts and views. This was all awkward enough, but, to make matters worse, the booth that was adjacent to the Christian booth was an Islam on campus booth. I thought that it was bad enough that the “Islam is the Devil” woman was wearing her shirt, especially after all the controversy and general consensus that the shirt was prejudiced, but, she was brazenly arguing with the Christian students where the Islamic students could hear her. They looked like they felt really bad and awkward with the woman standing right next to them, explaining why they were basically of the devil. The incident actually made me quite irritated with the ignorance of some people who bully others because they think that they are right, that their opinion is better than everyone else’s.


Written by victorianelson

December 6, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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  1. Yea, some are just so ignorant. Despite someone’s religious beliefs you just don’t treat someone that way; it isn’t nice. On top of that, as Christians people are supposed try and educate people on their beliefs. Wearing a shirt like and acting the way that woman acted will not get anyone to listen to you.


    December 7, 2009 at 12:49 am

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