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Individualism/ Capitol-ism

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We know that the American culture is that of an individualist, always looking out for ones self, and capitol-ism; or the pursuit of money/ wealth (most Americans would call it happiness). This culture breeds a society based on competition, which gives people incentives to do better, motivation and ambition. Well in my eyes it only makes sense that the United States is ahead of any other industrialized nation in all social problems, because in competition there will always be a looser, there will never be equality. Thus, in my opinion our culture, the very culture that put us on the top of the world, is the perfect place for all of these social injustices. I did some research and noticed that in Socialist societies and even communist societies, the crime rates are usually lower, and the gap between social classes is small if any. On paper these societies sound wonderful, however we’ve seen that when it is implemented and put into action, human error and corruption ruin it. In our individualistic world, the dream is that every person has the opportunity for success, as long as they are driven, and what better motivation is there than money. The thing is that this causes an imbalance in wealth, resources, standard of living, and a major gap between rich and poor; which is an extremely inefficient way of living for such intelligent creatures (the only creatures on this planet capable of such intelligence). Plus, how can the competition be fair for others in a “game” that was invented by white men, where the rules were made by white men and for white men. For racism, discrimination, or any form of inequality to change, we as a people have to change the way we were brought up to think and act. We can’t only think about ourselves and our families, we have to think about the greater good of society, and how do we do that? Especially in America, where everyone is out for themselves, its just a modern form of survival of the fittest, where white people have the advantage.


Written by giotorres89

December 4, 2009 at 9:04 pm

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  1. The whole idea of capitalism and the free market is that looking out for yourself is also best for the market- if those ideas no longer hold true then capitalism is not the best course- socialism is!


    December 6, 2009 at 2:51 am

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