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I came across an article:

This sort of reminds me of my high school. If you looked at my school from the outside it is such a beautiful campus, rebuilt…brand spanking new. New teaching staff, smart kids and a determined principal to boot. But many people wouldn’t know that because the school is located in the heart of the ghetto, and they assume the worst of the students there because it is a predominately black school. I could tell you all the percentages of the school, how many white (4), latino( 20ish), Asian(2 my 10th grade year and 1 my senior year) and the rest black. But the kids are awfully bright. My 9th grade year I attended a prep school and my mom switched me to my HS because it was closer to our home and was a magnet school. The year that I entered the school, it was the year that it saw a brighter future for the students. The principal whipped the school back into shape. It could almost be like a modern day Lean On Me. But to continue, she kicked out all the “bad” kids (those that were taking away from the learning enviroment, those that did not wanna be there, and those that were too old to be in HS and not making any progession towards a HS diploma). I enjoyed having an enviroment where kids that looked like me was aiming for the same goals as myself, and where there was a staff that looked like me and was pushing me to do better. In a way I want to say segregated schooling is better, as long as its equal. lol I feel like i’m advocating something in the jim crow era. BUt maybe, just maybe this could be the key to educating the minorirty child better. Although I’m not sure how this will effect them once they get in the real world where there isn’t many that look like them…but I’m adapting fine after being educated at all predominately black schools.


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November 29, 2009 at 4:59 am

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  1. I see where minority students might succeed in an environment where other minority students are succeeding, however, in my opinion, to propose that a separate but equal environment for education is maybe better for these minority students is wrong. The whole notion of creating an educational environment where minority students can thrive and succeed should include as close to an equal distribution as possible when it comes to race and social class; an envirtonment that enhances the standard of education for the minority students, but does not drop the standard of education for white students, so all students, white or black, rich or poor can succeed and positively contribute to society. Segragtion is anti-american/ unconstitutional. It goes against our way of life or the way of life we Americansd thrive for. A paradise where everyone can succeed, make money, get along, produce so on and so forth. Segregation would only cause or continue animosity. Although I respect your opinion and I understand that in your case segregation did not negatively affect your success or the way you adapted in college, I would still have to disagree with the statement thatit maybe better for minority students.


    November 29, 2009 at 11:02 pm

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