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Adam Lambert’s kiss and what it means

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I know the AMA’s were about a week ago but the media is still talking about the kiss between Adam Lambert and his male band member.  I am absolutely disgusted with the way the media and America is reacting to this.  On a morning news show they showed the image of Britney Spears and Madonna kissing and then blurred out the image of Lambert’s kiss.  What is that?!

This just shows how women are so objectified in our society.  It’s okay for us to look at pretty women kiss but two men is unacceptable because women kissing are hot.  This is pure gendering and sexism.

Speaking of objectification…many people are arguing that the kiss was broadcasted on a family show.  Well, it;s perfectly acceptable to show Lady Gaga and Beyonce wear very little clothing and dance erotically on a family show.  No one thinks of the problems THAT might cause to young girls watching their “idols” objectifying themselves?  Telling young girls that those women are successful and strong isn’t as bad as showing a  kiss among two consenting adults? 

This incident…if we should even call it that since thousands of men kiss other men everyday….speaks volumes about the way society sees men, women and homosexuals.  And I’m truly disppointed.


Written by elfrat

November 28, 2009 at 9:14 pm

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