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I know we talked about white people knowing or not knowing that there privileged or get special needs. I have seen this in action. I am in the army and I can clearly see that White get the most attention and get special offers from the higher in command or higher in charge. I am an Asian Indian and I have a white friend that is in the same group or company (military term) as I am in. We had an usual extraneous physical training. An all of a sudden she started to cry. At a later time, I asked her why was she crying. She said,”I just wanted to cry, so I can get attention and not do the exercise.” So, I thought why isn’t there been a black person as a general in the army. It has always been a white person as a general. I don’t know if it is all in my head but I definitely see favoritism toward whites in the military.


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November 23, 2009 at 9:44 pm

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  1. While I am white and was in the military (Navy), I saw some favoritism as well. However, the favoritism went both ways when I saw it. The first and most obvious is the one that you already eluded to above. The second form that I saw, the least likely to be recognized, was a type of racial backlash or hyper-sensitivity. I was in charge of a few individuals and one of them was performing and acting poorly, so I attempted to discipline her to rectify the problem. I was told by my superiors that they agreed with me about her needing to be disciplined, but that I could not discipline her because they didn’t want to give others in the unit the wrong impression. The girl just so happened to be black, and while I was sensitive to what my superiors were acutely aware of, they stopped me from disciplining her early in her career. A move that, in hindsight, could have sent her a message to straighten up and might well have saved her from eventually getting kicked out of the Navy, which happened later.
    Not to harp on this issue, but another recent critique of this “backlash” was reported in the latest issue of “Time.” Talking about the Fort Hood gunman and how many of his colleagues and superiors thought he was mentally ill, but due to his outwardly Islamic religious beliefs no one would confront him about these issues.
    I am definitely a fan of an open and un-racist military that awards promotions based on actual job performance and merits as opposed to specialized treatment; but, I do not think that we should become so racially sensitive as to cause us to stop thinking logically and with some common sense, as was the case at Fort Hood.


    November 24, 2009 at 2:24 am

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