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Blogger Yoani Sanchez Beaten by Cuban Secret Police

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My Cuban aunt recently changed her facebook profile picture to a picture of the Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez in support of her, which is how I became familiar with the struggles she has been facing. Yoani’s blog, called Generation Y, has exposed the Cuban regime for its misrepresentation of Cuba and its numerous injustices. As a result, her blog has not just been censored but been completely blocked in Cuba. Yoani herself cannot even see the blog, but still continues to write it. She has received multiple awards for her work, but has been denied the freedom to travel to other countries for seminars and awards ceremonies. Recently, on November 6, she was abducted, beaten, and taken to a police station by the DGI, Raul Castro’s secret police, who accused her of being a counter-revolutionary.

Yoani mailed several questions to Obama, who replied with support of her blog saying: “Your blog provides the world a unique window into the realities of daily life in Cuba. It is telling that the Internet has provided you and other courageous Cuban bloggers with an outlet to express yourself so freely, and I applaud your collective efforts to empower fellow Cubans to express themselves through the use of technology. The government and people of the United States join all of you in looking forward to the day all Cubans can freely express themselves in public without fear and without reprisals.”

In America, we don’t always realize how lucky we are to have freedom of speech, which remains to be just an elusive dream for bloggers and journalists like Yoani.


Written by sgaviria

November 22, 2009 at 1:48 am

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  1. I read through some of her latest blogs and in one she makes a good point: people who have opinions that differ from the norm are not usually seen as oppressed minority groups. For example, in her case, being a “counter-revolutionary” makes her hated and mistreated by many in Cuba, especially the government.


    November 22, 2009 at 10:51 pm

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