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I visited my best friend this weekend in Tampa. He is a white jewish male with 2 unemployed parents. Judging from this typical demographic, one would assume that they all fit the typical conservative family. As we were all huddled around the tv set (watching fox news of course), my best friends father and himself started bashing everything from health care reform to ”being green”…making Obama the culprit of it all. I understood their opinion, but when they were judging the contradictions of the democratic policies, i began judging their own contradictions. I first brought up the news article about death threats and Obama. Everyone in the room agreed that he would be assassinated at some point in the future. I asked them why this was the case and not the same for other white presidents, such as Bush? They declared it was probably because people were trying to PREVENT a possible revolution of socialism (led by Obama) and that the threats are not racially motivated. I began a rant of how much of a contradiction this was to the system of our REACTIVE infrastructure. Why is it that some people are trying to prevent a problem (based off assumption) by killing our president when ”Americans” fix problems by reacting (in which i had them admit before that we were a reactive country)? Especially considering that there were people who accused Bush of being an imperialist (as dumbfounded as those claims were). Why is it that those accusations never led to conversations about an assassination on Bush ? The influx of threats to Obama has never been matched by a president before. How is it that our ”tyrannical president” is going to lead a revolution, when there is already doubt about his reelection? They then said that they weren’t racist or wanted to kill Obama…but finally admitted it was ”somewhat” of a race issue.


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November 16, 2009 at 3:24 am

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  1. People see Obama as different (black) plain and simple and do not like it at all. I see so many people talk crap about Obama and the root of the problem isn’t his policies rather it usually boils down to his race (usually associating blacks with incompetence, unruliness, etc…). Much of the individuals ranting that Obama is destroying their country would actually benefit considerably from his so-called social policies policies, yet these people can’t see past a black face. Those Tea Party fools watching Fox all day are only concerned with that fact that black man has assumed America’s most hallowed position and will thereby destroy because he is inherently different because of his skin color. Obama is about American as they come, yet he gets singled out for the stupidest things like his nationality and religious affiliations.


    November 16, 2009 at 9:39 pm

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