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Overuse of the Race Card

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Though I believed racism should be punished whenever it rears its ugly held, I feel that we should be more cautious with our labels. It’s easy to dismiss any negative acts against minorities as racist, but rather difficult to properly discern which acts are truly racist and which are not. The racist label is a powerful one and must be used cautiously or else it carries with it no real value (boy who cried wolf). Recently, I feel, that many groups are exploiting the use of the race card. I’m not trying to espouse any sort of ideological dogma, I’m just describing what I deem to ludicrous and truly unjust. Take the case of corrupt Illinois Senator Roland Burris who was a staunch opponent of Illinois Governor Blagojevich but switched sides once he appointed to President Obama’s Senate seat. When questioned about Burris obvious lapse in morality, the argument was made that it would be wrong to deny the only black Senator membership into the Senate. Other more recent cases include this article where a woman was arrested for obnoxiously inappropriate and rude behavior at a Wal-Mart and later cried racism.

Don’t get me wrong, the race card is an important tool to help minorities. I just feel it should be used judiciously.


Written by zsayed

November 16, 2009 at 9:24 pm

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