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U.S. Muslims fear backlash

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I found this article on yahoo about the attack that took place in Fort Hood its states that the US Muslims fear the backlash from this tragedy. A Muslim leader stated that this attack by this “nut” (his words not mine) undermined all the hard work that they have been doing to make American Muslims part of the mainstream. The leaders also warned people to avoid exposing themselves unnecessarily after the attack; around the country police officers provided security for Muslims at mosques. In this article one thing that continually appeared was this matter of his name. It seems that had his name been American, then Muslims would not be worried about the backlash. To be quite honest when I first heard about this shooting (I didn’t know the guys name then), I thought he was white. After I found out what his name was, the religion did not cross my mind. I definitely understand where their fears stem from especially with 9-11 and all. I don’t think the people should have to live in fear because of the actions of this one person. Also I think that instead Americans being quick to assign blame we should definitely look at the reasons behind his action. According to this article he was also taunted for being Muslim, so maybe once we search beneath the surface we’ll find something deeper. At the same time it doesn’t make it right; murder is wrong. We may understand his motives and his motives but its still wrong. There is a lesson to be learned from this. Maybe by peeling and removing the curtain we may learn something about the military that definitely needs to be changed.

Here is the link for the article:


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November 8, 2009 at 12:55 am

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