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Black man claims “it’s our own fault”

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I can’t even believe what I’m about to type because it seems like an oxymoron.


I was visiting my friend at her work the other night and I was introduced to some of her clients.  One of the clients happened to be a black man named Eugene.  The environment I was in was extremely loose and other white individuals started dropping the n bomb toward Eugene in a non-confrontational manner and Eugene had absolutely no problem with this.  Eugene and I started to talk about race.  He mentioned that he lives in Tent City because “I don’t need anything else…it makes me happy, I am so happy.”  I brought up the topic of racism and how whites are more privileged and he disagreed with me and blatantly told me that I was COLOR-BLIND and BRAINWASHED!  I took a step back and thought “is this really happening…a white individual telling another black individual that it’s the white race that is responsible for the discrimination and lack of opportunity for blacks/minorities, and the black individual is completely disagreeing with me and stating that it’s the blacks’ own fault?!”

I was completely stunned by the conversation that was going on and tried to explain to Eugene about the theories/readings that we have been studying in class and he was so shocked by what I was saying that he told me he couldn’t continue the conversation because I was so “brainwashed” and that he was going to “pray for me.”  I am still so confused by the scenario…this seems like something that would take place on Curb Your Enthusiasm, not in “real life.”


Written by jubol

November 7, 2009 at 2:14 am

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  1. I am not really sure how to respond to this. It is suprising that he blames everything on the “black race”. I dont think any one person is to blame but I think in the past the whites were definitely to blame for slavery. However, there comes a point when people need to take matters and responsibility into their own hands (when times are tough) but if the government creates law that are unequal it is hard for people to do that.


    November 7, 2009 at 3:59 am

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