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Global Environmental Injustice

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Until the Basel Action Network (BAN), an international organization that promotes environmental justice, was created, countries practiced environmental racism on a global scale, the United States in particular. The pattern followed that developed nations (mostly “white”) dumped their hazardous waste in poorer countries (mostly “non-white”) because the latter had little economic and political power with which to refute. Similarly, poor neighborhoods in the U.S., which predominantly consist of minorities, are subject environmental injustices such as adjacent and common toxic waste dumps and little government protection.

National organizations similar to BAN should be established to thwart such practices and ensure the health of all citizens, regardless of race. Many whites are successful at convincing themselves that racism is nonexistent because it is very difficult to prove a social ideology. But I believe that no more proof is needed than the statistics of environmental inequality among race.


Written by larosa29

November 3, 2009 at 11:07 pm

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