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Environmental Racism

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This article basically reinforces what we have read about environmental racism, and the huge amount of landfills, incinerators, toxic waste dumps, pollution, etc. in largely minority areas as opposed to mostly white neighborhoods.

Before this class, I had never heard the phrase “environmental racism.” If you asked me what I thought it was, I would probably retort with a blank stare. It is absolutely horrendous that this goes on. I can’t believe it is never talked about in the media or in newspapers. The statistics in our book were astonishing. Especially that polluters in white areas were fined up to 500% more for violations than they were in minority neighborhoods.

I knew white privilege existed, but actually learn that being a part of a minority race increases the chance of living in a physically unhealthy environment is just mind boggling.



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October 30, 2009 at 7:09 am

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