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A Discussion about Events Concerning Race


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I think that the recent discussions involving Disney have proven to be slightly misrepresented, in my opinion. When discussing many of the older disney movies, people are often quick to bring up racially misrepresented characters and point to this as racism. When examining things such as this, the perspective and setting of the movie itself and the times it was made in must also be considered before passing judgement.

For example, many of the Disney movies cited as being racist were older movies which were made in times where segregation and racism laws such as Jim Crow did exist, although now we can look back and see that this is clearly wrong, we can’t hold people such as Disney responsible for using these ideals permitted at the time in their movies.

Many people have also brought up the case of Disney’s first black princess and pose the question: “why did it take so long?” In response to this, when was soon enough? Although it may have been nice for it to happen sooner, the same can be said for our president.

I think too many people are too quick to cry inequality when they see an extreme case taken out of context. Although characters characterized as black in older Disney movies may not be the best representation of the race itself; are the princesses and princes portrayed in these movies perfect characterizations of real boys and girls? Why do they have to be blonde and thin?


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October 25, 2009 at 6:33 pm

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