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Court Orders Rifqa Bary to Return to Ohio

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Being a citizen of America, I am sometimes ignorant to the many privileges and freedoms that I have. I can make decisions about religion, education, who I want to marry…etc. However, this case of Rifqa Bary brings me to the sad reality that many people, even if they are living in America, are not allotted the same choices due to religion or race. In the case of Rifqa, this 17 year old girl wanted to change her muslim religion to christian. In an attempt to do so, she ran away from home.  Rifqa says that if she did not run away her abusive parents, especially her father, will continue to exert punishment for her decision. She also claims that her father already threatened to kill her or “send me back to Sri Lanka,” [where] they have asylums where they put people like me.” The court has ordered Rifqa to return to Ohio, where she had been currently living, but she will be placed in foster care. I am really surprised by this 17 year olds devotion and determination to stand by her decision. I say, good for her.–Politics-Examiner~y2009m10d14-Court-orders-Rifqa-Bary-back-to-Ohio


Written by amims1

October 23, 2009 at 5:18 pm

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